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Climate, racism & gender weekend

Climate Liberation Bloc will be hosting an intersectional climate weekend training on June 14th, 15th and 16th.

Please apply [info below] or share with intersectional activists in your network!

The weekend is aimed to make us stronger in connecting the dots. If you have a drive to tell compelling stories about the world we live in, and are looking to infuse your anti-oppression work with a deeper understanding of how climate intersects with other crisis as racism and patriarchy, this is the space for you.


1: You do not need experience in the climate movement to join the weekend. (And we are not recruiting awesome people doing awesome work in feminism, antiracism or other anti-oppression work for the climate movement). The focus is really cross-movement strengthening of narrative & relationship.

2: You do need basic commitment & experience in intersectional thinking/organizing/activism to join. There are plenty of introductions-to available... we want to offer an intermediate for mostly POC/WOC participants who want to dive in deeper with people with diverse backgrounds in activism.

This weekend is not lecture-driven. Morning session(s) will be informative, but most of the day is interactive, participatory and reflective.

Meer info? Kijk hier.