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Copy of Ballroom Performance Classes (safe space)

Welcome to the NEW Ballroom Performance Classes

After 2 Succesful “try out classes’’ we decided to make these classes a weekly thing.
Providing you 2 voguing classes

*** Locaction***
De Banier
Banierstraat 1
3032 PA Rotterdam

From 18:00 till 19:00 Self Practice

This our is pure for self practice. There be guidance during this our. If u have any questions about performance or what so every feel free to ask them.

From 19:00 till 20:00: Pop Dip and Spin (OLDWAY):

Bringing you back to the Classic Performance. Taking you back to first way of voguing.
!!! Are you ready to serve it !!!
!!! Are you ready to eat it !!!
!!! Are you ready to sell it !!!
!!! Are you ready to serve precision, style and grace !!!

Class by:

Seven Angels Ultra Omni

From 20:00 till 21:00: Beginners Vogue Femme

The 5 elements of Vogue Femme :
Hands performance
(Spin and) Dips
Floor performance

Every week we will go through one of the elements to work on your performance. Get ready to get your basics together.

***main focus***

Class by:

Don't forget that Sharing is Caring

€ 2,50 Self practice
€ 5,- per Class

Note from Lilith: learn about the history of ballroom before you go. Respect the space and the black and brown queer and trans bodies it’s designed for