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Caribbean Ancestry Club @Worm Rotterdam

Caribbean Ancestry Club is hosting a family-friendly evening full of love, with poetry and spoken word performances, music, *kuminda krioyo* (island food) and intergenerational “show & tell” talks from ABC & SSS islanders.

For our second edition, they will be exchanging experiences on diaspora and island life, memories and family histories, and how to share and archive knowledge for future generations in predominantly oral Caribbean cultures. Audience members will be invited to share stories during the open mic and they are encouraged to bring a personal item to help reflect on their stories.

With live performances by:
Felix de Rooy
Edrieënna Brandao
Nynoshca Fecunda & Nychenda Fecunda
Melody Moon
Mackinly Richardson
Ichmarah Kock
Christopher Felicia
Barbara Martijn

Carribean Ancestry Club | WORM Rotterdam | Saturday 21 july 17:00 - 21:30 | Entrance: FREE

Check the website for more info.