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Motherhood & Masculinity: Role Patterns in Lesbian* Relations @Amsterdam Museum

Lesbian* relationships often challenge the gender norms and what it means to be masculine, feminine or fluid as womxn identified womxn loving womxn identified womxn. But how free of bias are we?

When we picture a womxn in regards to motherhood, most would probably think of a more feminine presenting type. It also seems we still tend to frown upon a romantic relationship between two masculine presenting womxn - and therein possibly subject ourselves to heteronormative thinking. Why is that?

This paneltalk will take a closer look at gender stereotypes within the lesbian* community as we discuss contradictions, prejudices and role patterns in our relationships.

For this event Pride of Colour Amsterdam teams up with Mama Cash and invites you to join us!

The talk will be moderated by Lilith Mag co-founder Clarice Gargard.

Amsterdam Museum | August 1, 19:30 | All Pride of Colour events are free of charge

Later Event: August 2
Janey - PRIDE @Lil' Amsterdam