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Intersectionality: More Than a Word

Screening of award winning film 'Sistagirl' and storytelling programme about Intersectionality.

This event is organized in collaboration with: Fifth Friday Sisterhood & Atria, voor gendergelijkheid en vrouwengeschiedenis

'Intersectionality: More Than a Word', an evening and dialogue about Intersectionality and the screening of the award winning film 'Sistagirl'. The word “Intersectionality” is breaking out of the closet. It came out of the thought and practice of black (lesbian) feminists, it was coined in 1989 by Kimberlé Crenshaw, and has been evolving since then, within circles of women of colour and far beyond. Civil groups from all walks of life are claiming it as a way forward, as theirs, as exclusive, inclusive, right, wrong, complicated, undoable, a mess, the answer. What do you think of Intersectionality as a way of moving forward? Come and join the Fifth Friday Sisterhood for a film screening and speakers, storytellers and spoken word artists, to explore this idea.

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Earlier Event: March 20