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Sundays I Queerstatic Dance I Odessa Amsterdam

Weekly program
Mondays: Ecstatic Dance
Thursdays: Ecstatic Dance
Fridays: Ecstatic Dancehall & Conscious Dance Cafe
Saturdays: Ecstatic Dance & Conscious Dance Parties*
Sundays: Queerstatic Dance

*Saturdays Conscious Dance Parties
1st Saturday of the month - Art of Carnival
2nd Saturday of the month I Just Dance
3rd Saturday of the month I Ixcacao
4th Saturday of the month I The Rave experience

★ Queerstatic Dance
We celebrate being Queer. We invite all LGBTQ + friends to dance together !

★ During Queerstatic dance, you are invited to dance your own dance. It is a safe space where you can pass through a meditative state, experiment with movement, express yourself or play. The exquisite music takes us on adventures.

★ Odessa's belly proves to be an intimate space where you might connect to others on the dancefloor. Without speaking, as we will keep verbal (and digital) communication to an absolute minimum.

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