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Official Drinks & (Tinder) Date Paintings

You and your friends (and dates) are invited to the official drinks of my exhibition


at LAB 111, 
Arie Biemondstraat 111 Amsterdam
From 8pm until 10pm.
The event is FREE (and so is the exhibition). 

Some use drugs, I use people. 40 (Tinder) Dates in eighteen months. That comes down to meeting one potential love per two weeks. Vulnerable. Exhausting. A journey. Together with the other, but still solo dancing with my own loneliness. I painted my 40 (Tinder) Dates to give them a place and to stand in my own power. And to look within myself, why this inexhaustible hunger for the other? 
--> The exhibition is open from 1 May until 20 May in LAB111.
--> The celebration of the exhibition will take place in the last weekend, on Sunday 19 May from 8pm-10pm.

Babeth Fonchie is a poet, painter and legal advisor at the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science. Vulnerability and life in its full rawness are central themes in her work. She also organizes POTPOURRI, a multidisciplinary art party where poetry, music and visual arts meet. In everything she does, she aims to connect with her fellow human beings on a deeper level.

Instagram @painteddates