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Yoni Art Workshop @Amenti MoveMeant

This drawing workshop provides an opportunity for women to explore the depths and feminine energy within our bodies. The Yoni Art workshop provides a space for conscious creation and feelings of oneness.

The Yoni, Sanskrit for “source”, “womb”, is the sacred part of the woman, the root of divine eternal processes of creation. It is also the root of our feminine power. Through the process of intuitive drawing, you will discover how to create and how to tap into that mystical and magical place.

What you can expect
During this 3 hours workshop, there will be a safe, open and playful space created where all feelings are allowed to come out. It is not about drawing skills, but about releasing whatever is stuck through drawing.

Yoni Art Workshop | zon 25 aug 13:00 - 16:00 | Amenti MoveMeant, Machinistraat 11, Rotterdam | €40 incl. snacks | Check the Facebookevent for more info