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Students join general climate strike @Den Haag

On the 27th of September there will be a general worldwide strike for climate! Join school strikers, other students and the workers of the world in this united strike for the climate.

General event:

Our current climate policies are creating a world in which society as we know it can't continue to exist. Even our species is in danger of extinction. While we're attending lectures and doing our homework, the industry and politics profit from the remaining fossil fuels, leaving us behind in the mess that they created. We won't accept this. We demand a future. The Climate Agreement of our government does not nearly go far enough. What we need is radical change. Students in the Netherlands, leave you lecture halls and laboratoria on September 27th and join us in the strike! No diploma's for a stolen future! 🔥

Students join general climate strike | Den Haag | Check the event here