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Opening: Who Am I Becoming? @WORM Rotterdam

You're invited to the opening night of ‘Who am I becoming’. Artists Natasha Papaeva and Yasunori Kawamatsu will present their summer residency at WORM Rotterdam.

“Becoming a Rotterdam artist at CBK made me question what this title means to me, since my artistic subjects have been until now exclusively focused on my Siberian origin. ‘Who am I Becoming’ is a dialogical artistic research between me, Japanese artist Yasunori Kawamatsu and five other people, who all identify as immigrants living in Rotterdam. The project is dedicated to the notion of being an immigrant and the process of finding a new home in the city.”

'Who am I Becoming' uses experimental mixed techniques of artistic research by combining the philosophy of Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese technique of repairing broken objects, interviewing and performance. The project resulted in six raw and emotional video performances which show the beauty and the pain of integration.

Participants: Larissa Monteiro Najendra Caldera, Hugo Lopez, Marichel Boye, Johana Molina.

What Opening: Who Am I Becoming?
WORM Rotterdam, Boomgaardsstraat 69, 3012 XA Rotterdam
Do 12 Sep / 19:30
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