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Queer Bloc at #ClimateStrike

Queers4Climate NL – LGBTQIA* folks in the Netherlands stand against climate breakdown and self-organize for a liveable planet for our communities and species of all kinds.

This is for two reasons:

First, because LGBTQIA* rights, freedom and equality will be even harder to defend on a broken planet. Around the world, the poorest and most marginalised people have been and are impacted by the climate crisis first and hardest. Black, brown and indigenous LGBTQIA* folks at the frontlines of climate-related disasters, conflicts and displacement face more hardships and discrimination than anyone else.

Second, because our struggles are connected, and our survival depends on our solidarity.

On Friday 27 September 2019, the final day of an unprecedented global week of protest for climate action, we will come together in The Hague for the #ClimateStrike and demonstrate that our community will stick together. We will form a bloc for LGBTQIA* folks during the protest and practice care in action. We will bring along signs, props and outfits that are as creative, diverse and fabulous as our community.

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